pavo occellus; act I - about

――――――☆ || simon - he/him - 16 - nby - leo - enfp || ☆―――――
heyo, i'm simon, i adore weird, strange, and dark aesthetics!
i'm a baby witch with an interest in witchcraft, demonolatry/demonology, astrology, astronomy, and the occult :-). i also rly love retro/arcade aesthetics <3

discord ; simon 🌼#0337

pavo occellus; act II - interests

i only kin three characters at the moment,
kaeya, bennett, zhongli, and bonnie ♡
i am always questioning more lmao
i kin for comfort and for fun, i dont take it too seriously

pavo occellus; act III - links

pavo occellus; act IV - misc